Inductive Bias is the set of assumptions a learner uses to predict results given inputs it has not yet encountered. This is a blog about machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, mathematics, and computer science. It’s a blog about practical ways of doing things that aren’t technically possible, but mostly it’s a blog about how to write better AI.

This blog is intended for  professional and hobbyist developers interested in actually building and applying AI and other cool algorithms in the real world. We’re talking predictive analytics, automated systems, vision applications, numerical and data organization tricks, and not so much theoretical research or philosophical musing about the nature of intelligence. A solid understanding of programming and a familiarity with the basics of linear algebra and vector calculus will be assumed.  If I spent all my time explaining the difference between a Jacobian and a Hessian then I’d never get to talk about the cool things you can do with them.

The articles are mostly self-contained, so feel free to jump around, or if you’re feeling particularly hardcore you can start with the first article .


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